Dr. Florian Heimlich

Florian Heimlich, MD
Chief Physician for Orthopedics and Pain Therapy

Specialist in Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery,
Interventional Pain Therapy
Manual Medicine/Chirotherapy

"Taking time for the patient. Knowing and understanding the patient's suffering and medical history. Combined with gentle, low-risk and targeted modern medicine at the highest level, conservative therapy leads to great success.
I can confirm this from my own experience and accordingly follow exactly this approach in the treatment of our patients."


After completing his studies, Dr. Heimlich began his professional medical career as an assistant physician in the cardiac surgery clinic of the Großhadern Clinic of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, under the direction of Prof. Bruno Reichart, MD.
During his training as a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery, Dr.
Heimlich worked in the surgical emergency room and intensive care medicine, among other places. This enabled him to also expand his experience in dealing with acute and life-threatening
disease patterns.

In February 2016, Dr. Heimlich obtained the additional designation for manual medicine/

Before starting his work in our company (July 01, 2019), Dr. Heimlich was an employed physician in the OCM joint practice (Orthopedic Surgery Munich) since January
Under Prof. Dr. med. H. Hertlein, he was responsible during this time for the surgical and, above all, conservative and interventional care of patients with a wide range of spinal disorders.

Specialization and focus

Treatment of spinal disorders, interventional pain therapy, manual medicine/chirotherapy

Dr. Heimlich's curriculum vitae


Studies of human medicine at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg, stays abroad at the University of Cape Town, South Africa as well as Emory University Atlanta, Georgia USA


2008 PhD
Resident at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Klinikum Großhadern, Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich, under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Bruno Reichart.


Training as a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery (including former surgical clinic Dr. Rinecker, OCM joint practice)


Working for Marianowicz Medicine since July 2019

Specialist for orthopedics in the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic

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