Ancient healing knowledge applied precisely: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

"The effect of my treatments is based on interaction with the whole system of the person. From the structural physical level to the subtle non-visible area, such as the meridians. " Martina Bucar, MD

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a healing doctrine from the Chinese advanced civilization that is several thousand years old. The broad spectrum of TCM therapies and the solid basis of our doctor in traditional medicine enable us to treat our patients individually.

TCM is a targeted addition to the holistic treatment and therapy approaches of the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic, such as for pain, psychosomatic suffering or cardiovascular diseases, and sometimes opens up completely new possibilities.

Complementary treatments

In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, lesser-known healing methods such as Banerji homeopathy, microimmunotherapy, ACP plasma therapy and mesotherapy are also used.

They all have one thing in common - the selected forms of therapy treat the person as a whole.

Depending on the indication, mesotherapy can support the success of holistic and interdisciplinary treatment in acute and chronic pain disorders. Medications, homeopathics, trace elements and minerals are applied to the disturbed areas using a special technique. Through the therapy on the spot of the problem, the active substances are brought to the injured structures without detour. Mesotherapy is often combined with acupuncture, Chinese herbs or laser therapy.

Procedure, consultation and anamnesis

True to the principles of this medical tradition, every TCM treatment always begins with an extremely comprehensive anamnesis.

Already during the personal consultation, our TCM physicians determine in this way a wealth of indications for possible deeper causes of ailments and disorders. A careful diagnosis of the tongue, pulse and abdomen completes the anamnesis, on the basis of which further treatment is decided.

The main focus here is on acupuncture and the use of Chinese medicinal herbs - the latter, by the way, we obtain from a renowned specialty pharmacy right here at Lake Tegernsee.

Common treatment areas*:

- Chronic fatigue
- Depression, stress, sleep disorders
- Burn-out
- Anxiety disorders
- Fatigue, list of indications
- General lack of energy
- Back pain
- Joint pain
- Rheumatic diseases
- Migraine
- Neurological diseases
- Susceptibility to infectious diseases
- Gastrointestinal diseases
- Hypertension
- Functional cardiovascular diseases
- Diabetes, anemia, overweight

*From the list of indications for acupuncture according to the World Health Organization and the Acupuncture Research Group

Consultation and registration

We will be happy to advise you about TCM treatments in our clinic or as an accompanying measure. Please visit the consultation and registration section.

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