Post-Sars CoV-2/Covid-19 syndrome
Post-Sars CoV-2/Covid-19 syndrome

Our treatment concept - Post-SARS-CoV-2-/
COVID-19-Syndrome (PSCS)

The pandemic is changing our lives. Not only those suffering from a SARS-CoV-2 infection are affected by restrictions, the situation is additionally very stressful for everyone psychologically.

Right now we are here for you: As a clinic with an interdisciplinary therapy approach and interdisciplinary
measures from orthopedics to internal medicine to psychosomatics, we have developed a multimodal therapy approach. Our aim is to help those affected by post-SARS CoV-2/COVID-19 syndrome due to the effects of the pandemic.

The basis is a thorough interdisciplinary diagnosis, on which a comprehensive individual therapy setting is built. At Jägerwinkel, we can holistically treat the psychosomatic consequences of the pandemic in addition to treating organic illnesses. We help people cope with the crisis and support them on their way back to their usual lives.

Our concept - individual treatment of post-SARS-CoV-2-/COVID-19 syndrome

Our concept - Post-SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 syndrome (PSCS)
Our concept - Post-SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 syndrome (PSCS)
Among the most frequently recorded consequences after the acute phase of COVID-19 disease are exhaustibility and impaired performance. However, psychological and psychosomatic consequences, both in COVID-19 sufferers and in others affected by the pandemic, are also becoming increasingly common.

During diagnosis, we therefore take into account your individual symptoms and make a main diagnosis, according to which your treatment with us will be oriented.

The treatment is divided into internal and psychosomatic treatment.

In addition to individual treatment tailored to the main diagnosis, we always work together on an interdisciplinary basis. You benefit from our broad spectrum of treatment. In this way, we can guarantee the best possible treatment.

Internal treatment - regaining performance

Treatment hunter angle
Treatment hunter angle

In case of main physical symptoms such as high exhaustibility
and reduced performance, you will be treated internally at

Common symptoms are

- shortness of breath at low exertion,
- general fatigue and
- fatigue.

The signs often occur with a time delay of one to two
days after exertion.

Our therapeutic approach

In addition to increasing your performance and improving your breathing, it is important to us that you regain your self-confidence in everyday life.

To this end, we use the following therapeutic methods:

- Respiratory and physiotherapy
- Endurance training
- Multimodal pain therapy
- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),
- Other specialized therapies (exercise and sports programs,
Creative therapies and relaxation methods).

Psychosomatic treatment - learning to deal with the situation

Psychosomatic treatment - learning to deal with the situation
Psychosomatic treatment - learning to deal with the situation

We treat the psychological consequences of the pandemic situation in
our psychosomatic department. A special
focus is on the therapy of addictive disorders.

Common mental stress consequences are

- Anxiety and anxiety disorders
- Depression
- Obsessive-compulsive symptoms and obsessive-compulsive disorders
- Grief and trauma disorders
- Addiction and dependency disorders

Our therapeutic approach

Treatment also includes internal medicine treatment of underlying and secondary organic diseases in the case of prior COVID-19 disease.

Our therapy includes:

- Psychotherapy / psychosomatic treatment
(stress reduction, mindfulness, cognitive therapies)
- Pain management (if needed)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
- Other specialized therapies (exercise and sports programs,
creative therapies and relaxation methods).

Marianowicz Medicine - Jägerwinkel Private Clinic on Lake Tegernsee


"A treatment and therapy spectrum, which uses from Hightech
measures up to nature welfare procedures all levers,
the health cause. United with a unique
atmosphere, which touches body, spirit and soul -
that is our philosophy, after which all members of the
hunter angle family act and treat."

Martin Marianowicz, MD.
Medical Director,
Specialist in Orthopedics,
Pain Management and Sports Medicine,
Fellow of Interventional
Pain Practice (FIPP)

Marianowicz Medicine means: to follow a holistic path with all doctors and therapists and to consider all
conceivable possibilities of healing in order to find the right therapy for you. Thanks to the multimodal and interdisciplinary cooperation of various specialties, we are able to make precise diagnoses and find a therapy that optimally supports the healing process.

Our competencies
- Orthopedics / Pain Therapy
- Psychosomatics
- Neurological Diagnostics
- Internal Medicine
- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
- Nutritional Counseling
- Physiotherapy
- Nursing
- Patient Management

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