Dr. med.  Martin Marianowicz

Martin Marianowicz, MD

Medical Director, Medical Director Orthopedics
Specialist for Orthopedics, Chirotherapy, Sports Medicine, Pain Therapy

"The declared goal of my team is to give our patients a feeling of intensive attention and consistent all-round care at the highest professional level. And that in every phase of treatment: from the first visit through diagnosis finding and therapy to recovery."


Martin Marianowicz, MD, is one of Europe's most renowned back specialists and a pioneer in orthopedic pain therapy and minimally invasive spine and disc treatment.

Already during his studies he focused on the spine. This was triggered by two disc surgeries early in life and prolonged pain, which compelled the young physician to explore the use of pain therapies.

Dr. Marianowicz completed his specialist training at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar, the Munich Red Cross Hospital, the Ingolstadt Clinic, the Bad Bergzabern District Hospital and the renowned Markgröningen Spine Center.

He has been practicing as a private physician in Munich since 1981.

For more than 30 years, training and research stays have repeatedly taken the internationally recognized physician abroad, among others to the USA, England, Switzerland and Israel.

Dr. Marianowicz is medical director of the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic in Bad Wiessee on Lake Tegernsee.

In addition, as a keynote speaker, author of numerous scientific publications and author of two successful books, Den Rücken selbst heilen (Heal Your Back Yourself) and Arthrose selbst heilen (Heal Your Arthritis Yourself), he is committed to putting a stop to the surgery mania in Germany.

Dr. Marianowicz Focuses

  • Outpatient and inpatient orthopedic pain therapy
  • Conservative and minimally invasive therapy for spinal and disc disorders. For example: epidural catheter, intervertebral disc microlaser, computed tomography-guided spinal treatments
  • Conservative arthrosis treatment with, among other things, autologous blood therapy

Dr. Marianowicz Curriculum Vitae


Medical studies at the LMU Munich

Specialist training at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar, the Munich Red Cross Hospital, the Ingolstadt Hospital, the Bad Bergzabern District Hospital and the renowned Markgröningen Spine Center.

Dr. Martin Marianowicz has been practicing medicine in Munich since 1991. Training and research visits have repeatedly taken him abroad, including to the USA, England, Switzerland and Israel.

Foundation of the joint practice Orthopedic Pain Therapy Munich


Opening of the day clinic for orthopedic pain and microtherapy


Medical Director of the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic in Bad Wiessee. Foundation of Marianowicz Medicine.



Opening of the Marianowicz Center for Diagnosis and Therapy in Munich with specialists from all complementary medical fields.

Main areas of activity include interventional and multimodal pain therapy as well as bioregenerative procedures


Publication of the book "Healing your back yourself" by GU Verlag. Become and stay pain-free - the holistic program

Publication of the book "Arthrose selbst heilen" by GU Verlag. The holistic anti-pain program

Awards from Leading Hospitals and Leading Doctors

Publications and references

The health lie

The Health Lie - Risks and Side Effects of a Sick System

Our health care system is sick!

The German health care system is one of the most expensive in Europe. But does it deliver what it promises?
No, I have been campaigning against the surgery rage in Germany for over 30 years. My criticism: Our system does not reward health or healing, but rather illness and overtherapy. Germany would have the best conditions and the money for excellent medicine. But the contributions of the insured are burned by superfluous therapies and an excessive administration instead of investing them in health. The sufferers are always the patients.

With this book, I would like to spark a public discussion that will lead to real reforms. And I hope that you, dear reader, will become aware of your supporting role in this sick system. Because only those who know the symptoms can protect themselves from the fatal consequences for their own health. After all, we are the supporting pillar in the health care system by means of our insurance contributions - but our well-being is no longer the focus.

Accepting and looking away change nothing. On the contrary, both have a negative impact on your health, life expectancy and costs.

Heal osteoarthritis yourself - The holistic anti-pain program

Heal Arthrosis Yourself - The Holistic Anti-Pain Program
Get out of the Arthrosis Trap!

The revolutionary joint program of the renowned physicians Dr. Martin Marianowicz and Dr. Willibald Walter makes 75 per cent of all joint operations superfluous. In their guidebook Arthrose itself heal they show this holistic healing principle and thus ways to more quality of life for humans with chronic joint pain.

For years, the two experienced orthopedists have been working with a multimodal therapy for back pain. They have now made the positive results of their holistic healing principle available to all osteoarthritis patients. Even if the wear and tear has an anatomical cause, people with chronic joint pain need a holistic pain therapy approach to get relief from their symptoms.

Dr. Marianowicz and Dr. Walter present a multimodal set of measures to counteract degeneration and pain at all levels. The two physicians provide their readers with instructions for the targeted activation of self-healing powers in order to stop or significantly slow down the wear and tear. Questionnaires, check-ups and exercises suitable for everyday use help to track down the individual causes, alleviate the symptoms and significantly improve the quality of life.

Heal the back yourself: Become and stay pain-free - the holistic program

Heal the back yourself: Become and stay pain-free - the holistic program.

Minimum effort, maximum effect: activate the self-healing powers of the back and live pain-free with the scientifically based, holistic program. Exercises suitable for everyday use help to prevent pain, alleviate it acutely and make the back strong in the long term.

60 to 80 percent of all back pain is non-specific. The clinical picture does not show any changes in the skeleton and simply does not fit into the pigeonholes of the conventional orthodox medical approach, which focuses on the physical structure but not on the whole person. The credo of the internationally recognized back expert Dr. Martin Marianowicz is therefore: Everything that helps is right for the back. A successful back therapy considers all influencing factors that can cause pain. His well-founded 3-step program uses the latest scientific findings from neurology, physiotherapy or pain research to explain the psychological and physical influencing factors and shows the role played by pain memory. Exercises suitable for everyday use help to prevent pain, to alleviate it acutely and to make the back mobile and strong in the long term.

The Marianowicz Method: My program for a pain-free back

The Marianowicz Method: My program for a pain-free back.

With numerous exercises for office and home. 25 million back patients suffer from pain in Germany.For all those who want to actively take care of their backs themselves for prevention and pain treatment.

85 percent of all Germans experience back pain at some point in their lives. This pain is very unpleasant but rarely really dangerous. This is because everyone can make a decisive contribution to well-being and freedom from pain, especially in the case of back problems.

Based on decades of experience, Dr. Marianowicz knows that most back complaints disappear again, simply by applying gentle methods and by proper exercise. The author summarizes everything we need to know for a healthy back. He presents the most important conditions and gives readers a list of questions that makes it easy to find out if it's sciatica, lumbago, or just tight muscles. Its next step helps determine whether self-treatment with heat and pain pills is sufficient or a visit to the doctor is necessary. The extensive practical section includes exercises for home or office, on-the-go and with equipment. Gentle pain treatment for acute cases completes his do-it-yourself repertoire.

Put on the back: Why 80% of back surgeries are unnecessary

Every day, 25 million Germans are searching for the therapy that will end their suffering. This costs health insurers around 40 billion euros a year. Around 90% of all pain has no well-founded diagnosis. To get this, one would have to listen to the patient. But our health care system does not allow this for cost reasons. Instead, operations are performed quickly on the basis of X-rays and magnetic resonance images that only partially correspond to the symptoms and causes - in the case of herniated discs, almost 100,000 times a year in Germany. And this despite the fact that 90% of all pain, even in the case of herniated discs, subsides within six to twelve weeks with conservative or pain therapy.

In his book Aufs Kreuz gelegt, the renowned spine specialist Martin Marianowicz reveals eight astonishing truths about back pain and pleads for a new, more conscious approach to our bodies. Together with his practice team and through experience with thousands of patients, he has developed a 5-step plan for treatment in which a detailed doctor-patient discussion stands at the beginning and only at the very end the operation. The concept works: 80% of patients go through only stages 1 and 2 of the plan with the help of pain medication, physical therapy and other preventive, pain management and minimally invasive measures, and are pain-free again after a short time.

Aufs Kreuz gelegt also includes case studies, a test to check if you are a back risk candidate, explanation of the most common back disorders from A to Z with SOS help, treatment and prevention, as well as the main therapeutic options such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing & Rebalancing or heat treatment. In addition, areas of application, side effects and interactions of painkillers are presented and a variety of exercises that you can easily do at home without any aids for the benefit of your back.

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